WANDLER – A digilog magazine

Crossmedia, Live Action

Pixel goes Paper goes 3 D

Concept & Design by Gerald Moll, Bitten Stetter, Klaus Frieler, Tetje Schöning

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Digitizing networking all around us. The twittering U35-year-old Farcebooker reads SPON and Google himself to death. But who could live without it? But how much longer? The outward movement has to sway inward again. Change takes on a new meaning and takes over, bringing the actual back to where it came from and belongs again: In smoky, alcohol-soaked back rooms, on the green meadow, on subway standing places and bus back benches, on the concrete squares of the city, on the banks of the river. But we take everything with us. Everything that has become so dear and cheap to us: User-generated content (what an ugly term for a beautiful thing) and that in two ways: radical democracy, improper design, interactive deanimations, pop-up windows made of glass, the unfinishability of media leaps and bounds, and last but not least the infinity of human noise as the last still analogous metaphor. And this live and in colour. Pixel goes paper. Paper goes 3D. User becomes reader writer becomes user. Copy and paste to the end and: at the end you are your own magazine.

Wandler, Gerald Moll, Interaction, Interactiondesign, Digital Design, Galerie Kleefeld, Bitten Stetter