Sculpture Walk Holmavik – Island

Science, University projects


Digital Design for a Sculpture Walk in Holmavik – Island

April 2019: We take off to iceland, presenting the results of the first step within a large scale proposed project. The Students will design the production and workflow in the customer project, acquisition and customer care, project management with software application for implementation, production and organization phases of a customer project in the real environment, calculation as well as contract and accounting.

Goal: Conceive a digital prototype of your idea within a new created brand identity. Development phases of the branded interaction design process are taught and applied by the students in a practical way. Briefing, Research, concept, brainstorming, prototyping, testing, presentation, defense. Students are then able to structure, design and implement extensive requirements independently with project partners.

Implementation: Participate in a research and science dimension. In cooperation with various partners from the fields of business, culture, politics and art, the phases of the branded interaction design process are deepened in concrete tasks. The requirements are discussed in a kick-off workshop, further coordination takes place in intermediate steps, and the presentation to the customer concludes. Marketable implementations are created for the customers.


Research Partner

Joint research project with the faculty of Design at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, the Institut bild.medien under Prof. Dr. Asmus, Arne Rawe; the institute for Development, Research and Transfer of Macromedia Universitiy Leipzig; the Holmavik Municipality, the State of Iceland