tagwerk – Software as a Service

Participatory Design, Startups
tagwerk – Award winning software

The Software as a Service product supports freelance designers, artists, media professionals, etc. in organizing their accounting cloud-based, simple and needs-based. The software was developed independently, programmed, designed and operated by the co-founder. More than 4000 users have already registered, the business model is based on a monthly subscription.

The innovative Startup Founding

Through the cooperation with a branch business partner and a financing round with Business Angels, it was possible to obtain the start-up financing. At the invitation of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the start-up idea was presented and awarded several prizes at the CEBIT in Hanover.

Addison, Buchhaltung, CeBIT, tagwerk, meintagwerk, Startups, BMWi, Angela Merkel, Gerald Moll

The Product Development

Iterative development of the information architecture, service design, Ux and UI design for a simplified user guidance of the very complex application, process structure for the introduction and use of the platform. Conceiving and designing the brand identity of tagwerk, improvement of usability through iterative development after user feedback.

tagwerk, meintagwerk, Startups, BMWi, Angela Merkel, Gerald Moll

meintagwerk, tagwerk, startups, entrepreneurship, Gerald Moll