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Science, University projects

Forming knowledge transfer and reducing complexity with the methods of design





Gerald Moll, Julia Schütz, Andreas Hebbel Segger

Knowledge transfer – Complexity reduction – Design

Together with Prof.in Dr.in Julia Schütz, Head of the Department of Empirical Educational Research at the FernUniversität in Hagen, i talked about the challenges of designing knowledge transfer in the fields of science and university education. The topic of the podcast is related to the book “Wissentransfer-Komplexitätsreduktion-Design” which is published by wbv media. The book is avaible as Open Access Publication here.




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How does good university teaching succeed? That’s what three members of the Didactics Commission want to know from their colleagues in the Macromedia faculty. Every two weeks, Prof. Dr. Tamara Ranner, Prof. Dr. Katharina Dillkötter and Prof. Dr. Andreas Hebbel-Seeger ask their guests about changing topics and good practice.

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