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Designing Interactions
Wissenstransfer – Komplexitätsreduktion – Design
Science, University projects
Science, University projects
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Sermometer – Speculative Design
Students, University projects
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Sculpture Walk Holmavik – Island
Science, University projects
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AR – Conceiving the Digital Experience for Art
Participatory Design, University projects
Challenge Lab for Interactive Concepts – CLIC LAB
Participatory Design, Science, University projects


Gerald Moll  develops digital experiences concepts for various companies in the field of digital product and servicedesign .


His work has received international awards as a designer and as a founder of his own startup company.


Gerald is a passionated networker with a collaborative mindset. He believes in the power of composite teams.


He is lecturing as a professor at the Hochschule Macromedia in the fields of Interaction Design.

Strategic Services

User Experience as a comprehensive strategy.
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– It is not about good or bad Design, it is about your Experience within the Usage –



Curious about startups, founding, teaching and the digital society.

Professor Gerald Moll studied at the Peters Behrens School of Arts, a faculty of design at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and finished his diploma at the department design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Today he develops analog and digital communication concepts for various companies and he devices chance processes in the field of Service Design, Digital Products, Branded Interactions, UI and UX Design. He worked for various publisher and advertising agencies.

Recently he teaches Interaction Design at the Macromedia University of Applied Science in Leipzig and Hamburg. As a consultant he helps companies to apply agile methods for developing new digital products. He is Co-Founder of the Software as a Service plattform for Freelancer and Companies


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