Challenge Lab for Interactive Concepts – CLIC LAB

Participatory Design, Science, University projects


 Task: Explore further fields of action as a designer

October 2018, The self-imposed task for the conception of a CLIC Lab is based on my realization that it is also important for students in the field of communication design to get to know digital production techniques for the production of prototypes. The experimental application of code and robotics against the background of a holistic perspective on interaction has to be developed and technically simplified. The students are thus enabled to explore further fields of action for their personal work as designers and to translate them into innovative products or ideas for action.

“Arlogate and especially the cooperation with Makerspace Leipzig offered us the opportunity to deal with the topic of robotics and artificial intelligence for the first time. This was an area we had never discussed before during our studies.”

Students: Sara Nihat-Osman and Syed Scherjeel Ahmed, 5 Semester


Goal: Prototype your idea

The students should get to know the possibilities of using technology in an open workshop atmosphere. The conceptual, experimental approach to product and service ideas is at the forefront in order to use technology for the purpose of meaningful interaction design. Prototyping is the core for an unconventional approach to the use of artefacts in social, economic or societal contexts.



Discussing the relevance of design methods and future scenarios

Documentation of the results by the students can be found as shared content continuously at: cliclab blog







linguu – Haptic language learning

Interactive Glove by Julia Bauer




Blind Navigator –Acoustic support for people with visual impairments

Interactive Prototype by C. Borck and P. Prager