AR – Conceiving the Digital Experience for Art

Participatory Design, University projects
Tradition meets Technology

The quaint Hólmavìk lies at the western coast of beautifulIceland. Its inhabitants live a life  offthe tourism roads. The people work in a factory for canned sea foods. Aside from the legendary turt-le at the city town centre there´s not much to see here. But with the „Contemporary Sculpture Walk“ co-mes a showplace that unites the traditionallife-style of the people with a visionary technology, that has never been used in this context.  Iceland is not only the land of nature with its vol-canic rocks and untouched meadows. It is also the centre of data connectionand infrastructu-res. The sculpture walk combines thoses aspects of this imposing nationand brings an Augmented Reality Experience, that will only come to life in Hólmavìk, Iceland.

AREX – The new State of the art

For the Hólmavìk „Contemporary Sculpture Walk“ I wanted to create a new style that makes a pleasant contrast to the general appearance of Iceland as a brand. The App AREX should not be associated with Ice-land in the fist place. It should create an own image that does not stand in line with the Icelan-dic cliche. As there are a lot of sculpture walks in Europe and a lot more art museums, the new technology is the unique selling point the app and the sculp-ture walk will ofer. It includes an AR camera, that scans the environ-ment and places digital sculptures into it. The di-gital sculptures will mix and exist beneath the tra-ditionalart in the sculpture walk.

Student: Julia Felicitas Syan


The leading Idea – Evolution Theory

The guiding idea is to make AR and mixed reality the USP of a Contemporay Sculpture Walk. Thinking of the logo as an icon the base form had to fi in a basic smart device layout. I wanted the logo to look like something is extiatin itself from within. So I came to the „break“-themed ideas. The shatering stone connects the brand to the nature and the rocky landscapes of Iceland. However, I had to finda contrast to the rough-eco-cliche a lot of  people associate with Iceland. The decision to give the logo a 3D-look came from some atempts to make it look technical but fami-liar as well, as I didn´t want to give people the fee-ling, that they could not use the app with a lack of technological knowledge.

Student: Julia Felicitas Sayn



Target Matrix – Defining the Goals


The aim of the sculpture walk is to build a new platform to bring artists, locals and tourists together. By showing favorable pictures, we want to create a positive image of Hólmavík. The interaction between art and technology should attract culturally interested tourists and by doing so, increase the popularity of the place. However, mass tourism should not arise as a result of this project. The focus lies on qual- ity not quantity – the target group consists of open-minded optimists, who are interested in art, design, people and nature.

The Central Questions


How can we motivate people to visit the sculpture walk repeatedly during all seasons and all kinds of weather conditions? Leading to the central leading idea: An interactive audio-visual AR-app, which makes visiting the sculpture walk during all seasons and under any weather conditions attractive.

Student: Veronica Gruben

Styleguide_VeronicaGruben_214-(verschoben)-1 Styleguide_VeronicaGruben_214-(verschoben)-2

The APP for the extended experience


This project has a high potential to attract many visitors, since the locals have a great interest in culture and are willing to collabo- rate in the work process. Though, the following problems should be considered: Holmavík is a secluded place in northern Iceland and therefore not a well-known tourist destination. A reason is the challenges and issues of the infrastructure.

Student: Veronica Gruben